Eurovent Market Intelligence launches data collections

Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI), the European statistics office for the HVACR market, has launched its data collections for 2022. The aim is to collect data from manufacturers and provide them with a reliable map of the market.

In 2021, around 400 manufacturers joined EMI resulting in an increase of +20% manufacturers providing the most comprehensive and reliable overview of the market, and thus remaining the largest collection of data on the HVACR market in terms of the number of market players. The 3 new collections that were launched last year, which are Domestic Heat Pumps, Refrigerated Display Cabinets and Water Fan Heaters, met a great success and are yet to be confirmed this year.

This 29th annual data collection, EMI is launching a new programme related to Cooling Components. It covers components such as valves, filter driers, pressure switches and oil level regulators. They are already supported by the main players on the market, such as Danfoss, Emerson, Parker and Castel.

The old collection on Heat Recovery Systems (Heat Exchangers installed in AHUs, such as Plate, Rotary or Run-around-Coils) which was suspended in 2016, has been restarted, following the decision of Klingenburg to join the programme. EMI has also extended the programme on Pool Dehumidifiers to Pool Heat Pumps and changed its name to Pool Applications. The collection format has been restructured to be more in adequacy with the market.

New extension is also available for the IT Cooling programme, which already covers the CRAC and RACK units, TLC and Evaporative Cooling. It now also covers Fan Walls, split by capacity (in kW) and technology (CW, DX, Dual). The Adiabatic Cooler market intelligence programme now offers much more details, with a split by product type (Dry coolers/Condensers) and by adiabatic system (pad, hybrid, simple spray).

EMI will also continue to prioritise deadlines to ensure recentness of information. Results of all regular annual programmes will be released in March 2022.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022
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