Eurovent-EVIA Joint position on EU Fan Regulation Revision and High pressure/Low volume fans

Eurovent and EVIA argue why proposed energy efficiency requirements are too high

In the course of the Revision of Fan Regulation 327/2011, Eurovent and EVIA found that the proposed energy efficiency requiremnts for High pressure/Low volume (HPLV) fans have been set too high. If the Regulation would be implemented as it is today, it would phase out about three-quarters of the current HPLV fans. This statement is substituted by the fact that HPLV applications have a much higher friction loss level than other applications and thus a considerable lower efficiency level.

Eurovent and EVIA propose either one of the two solutions below:

  1. Fans with specific speed σbep<0,12 (HPLV fans) remain in the scope of the fan regulation, but without fan energy efficiency requirement. Information requirements have to be met, or
  2. The fan energy efficiency requirement for HPLV fans can be set depending on the specific speed σbep by means of a linear function.