Eurovent 4/23 update now available in Polish

Eurovent has published the Polish updated version of Recommendation 4/23 ‘Selection of EN ISO 16890 rated air filter classes for general ventilation applications’. This Recommendation aligns with the 2021 WHO global air quality guidelines.

→ Please click here for the Polish version of this News story: Aktualizacja Eurovent 4/23 już dostępna w języku polskim

The Recommendation includes a comprehensive set of guidelines on the selection of air filters for general ventilation applications, which makes full use of potential EN ISO 16890 offers in terms of Indoor Air Quality. The document, which was jointly developed by the participants of the Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’ (PG-FIL), is based on a deep technical understanding of filtration and the experience of global air filter manufacturers. It is addressed to all HVAC professionals dealing with ventilation systems, particularly designers, facility managers and manufacturers of equipment incorporating air filters.

The document can be downloaded free of charge in the Document Library.

Publication Date: 
Wednesday, 27 July 2022
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