EU study on the functions and effects of European standards (GEN - 1169.00)

Separate surveys targeting respectively industry associations and individual companies

GEN - 1169.00. The European Commission (DG GROW) has contracted EY and Menon to conduct a study on the functions and effects of European standards and standardisation in the EU and EFTA Member States. The study aims to support the European Commission in assessing whether, and to which extent, the adoption of European standards has been beneficial for European consumers, firms and for the European economy as a whole.

Objective of the study

The study aims at understanding how the creation and adoption of European standards affect competitiveness and innovation in ten key industrial sectors. 

The survey runs until 30 October 2020, and will investigate the following main topics: 

  • The use of European standards in the sectors
  • How European standards can enhance and strengthen the competitiveness and innovative capacity companies (including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)
  • How and to what extent European standards address specific issues such as health, safety, environmental and consumer protection
  • Possible opportunities/barriers of European standardisation and how could these be exploited/removed.

The national and European industry associations are invited to complete the following online survey:

Companies are invited to complete a separate online survey:

Eurovent has responded to the survey. As HVACR equipment is not listed as such, the reply has categorized HVACR as electrical equipment, machinery, energy and utilities. Eurovent has highlighted the barriers that may exist for SMEs and stressed the need to consider European standards in the global context, where if ISO standards are missing, European standards must be able to compete or prove equivalence with other standards.

Recommended actions

Member Associations and their manufacturers are recommended to participate to the survey.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are very much encouraged to express their views in the surveys.

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