EU Scoring system to rate reparability (GEN - 898.00)

EU study to develop a potential scoring system

GEN - 898.00 In the context of the EU ‘Circular Economy’ policy, the European Commission has launched a study to analyse and develop a potential scoring system to rate the ability to repair and upgrade products.


This study follows the previous 2016 study on ‘Socio-economic impacts of increased reparability’ by DG Environment.

Aim of the study

This study on a hypotheticalscoring system on reparability and upgradeability is exploratory. It does not have an impact on any ongoing work on the revisions ongoing for the Ecodesign or energy labelling regulations. 

Depending on the outcome of the study it may possibly lead to a potential graphic label, which would be developed through a separate project. 

This study is being conducted by the Joint Research Centre and it is structured in two phases:

  • Development of a general approachfor the assessment of products
  • Test of the general approach on specific product groups of interest. Thus far, three consumer products have been identified for this stage: 
    • Laptops
    • Vacuum cleaners
    • Washing machines

TheJoint Research Centre team includes Michael John Bennett who has been seconded to this project by DG Grow.

A first questionnaire, with 7 May 2018 as deadline, proposes a split into four families of products:

  • Small appliances
  • Medium/large
  • Installed products(e.g. boiler, heat pump, air conditioning appliances)
  • ICT products

A Technical Working group (TWG) will be established, as the main consultative mechanism for stakeholders (manufacturers, retailers, academia, NGOs, Member States and others). 

Two meetings are planned:

  • 1stTWG on 26 June (Seville) with the objective to discuss the general approach and obtain preliminary guidance
  • 2ndTWG in November (Brussels) with a detailed discussion on product-specific measures

The study is expected to be finalised by the end of 2018. 

A separate study was launched on ‘Ecodesign for circularity’ simultaneously. This deals with the assessment of material efficiency aspects of Energy-related Products (ErP) and the analysis and development of methods supporting the definition of product-specific requirements. It will also contribute to the standardisation activities of CEN/CENELEC JTC10 'Energy-related products – Material Efficiency Aspects for ecodesign'. 

Within this project, which should be finalised by the end of 2018, two consumer products will be studied: 

  • Analysis of material efficiency aspects of smartphones
  • Assessment of the reparability and upgradability of TVs 

This study is considered by Eurovent of having a lesser impact on long-term regulatory developments. 

Recommended actions

Because of the possible (and with time likely) extension of the reparability principle to other products later, manufacturers and associations are recommended register as a stakeholder by completing the form on the project website. 

Manufacturers of heat pumps, but also those of other installed products, may wish to fill in the 24-page questionnaire.

A regular check of the project website may also prove useful.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018
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