EU public consultation on the Renovation Wave (GEN - 1123.00)

European Commission intends to publish an action plan to stimulate renovation by autumn

GEN - 1123.00. In May 2020, the European Commission published a Roadmap towards a Renovation Wave. The Roadmap received input from 187 bodies, including Eurovent Association, Eurovent Certita Certification and one Member Association (Talteka). Up to 9 July 2020, the Commission is hosting a public consultation to define its strategy and propose an action plan. Participation to the consultation will help in shaping the future renovation markets.

Renovation Wave

The Renovation Wave initiative is part of the European Green Deal announced in December 2019.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, various initiatives have been developed to provide for a recovery from this outbreak (e.g. the Recovery Plan and Next Generation EU). Renovation of existing buildings is labour-intensive in nature and would support the move towards a climate neutral Europe.

Up to now, the Member States have not approved the budget for the recovery plan.

The information that is available shows that the financing of the Renovation Wave would take place in the form of European loans. 175bn EUR will come from the Recovery and Resilience Facility fund and 455bn EUR from the EU Investment fund. The Member States will be allocated an amount from these EU loans.

Public Consultation

Following the Roadmap, the Commission has developed a questionnaire to consult any stakeholder.

The questions are designed to shape the future action plan. It takes about one hour to respond to the questionnaire.

The Commission is counting on the participation of European associations and asked them to disseminate the questionnaire through their networks so that both the quality and quantity of responses is ensured and that the future action plan would fit best for all stakeholders.

Recommended Actions

The national Member Associations and interested manufacturers are recommended to fill in the consultation questionnaire by 9 July 2020. This will help to shape the future renovation markets.

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