Energy Efficiency: Updated EU rules on Ecodesign and Energy Labelling (GEN - 1166.00)

Feedback period 06 October 2020 to 03 November 2020

GEN - 1166.00. The European Commission is working on an omnibus amendment to the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations published in 2019. The Draft Act amending several pieces of legislation in this field (only to correct minor technical issues) is open for feedback for 4 weeks. Feedback can be provided until 03 November 2020.

The European Commission proposes to introduce a set of common amendments in Regulations (EU) 2019/424, (EU) 2019/1781, (EU) 2019/2019, (EU) 2019/2020, (EU) 2019/2021, (EU) 2019/2022, (EU) 2019/2023 and (EU) 2019/2024 and Regulations (EU) 2019/2013, (EU) 2019/2014, (EU) 2019/2015, (EU) 2019/2016, (EU) 2019/2017 and (EU) 2019/2018

Those of relevance for Eurovent are: EU) 2019/2024 – (EU) 2019/2018 (refrigerating appliances with a direct sales function) and (EU) 2019/1781 (electric motors and variable speed drives).

For information: Ecodesign and Energy Labelling process

Recommended actions

The concerned Eurovent members are asked to consider the proposed amendments and provide the Eurovent Secretariat with their input within two weeks (until 23 October 2020).

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