EFRIARC to join the Eurovent Association

Portuguese HVACR association to further strengthen Eurovent’s industry footprint

EFRIARC to join the Eurovent Association

EFRIARC to join the Eurovent Association
From left to right: Morten Schmelzer (Executive Director, Eurovent), Pedro Gouveia (Member of the Board, EFRIARC), António Rego (President, EFRIARC), António Bordalo (Member of the Board, EFRIARC), Jorge Rosa (Vice-President, EFRIARC).

Lisbon, 23 November 2017. During their 18th ‘Autumn Seminar’ in Lisbon, EFRIARC, the Portuguese association of Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, has announced its membership in the Eurovent Association, which was previously approved by the Eurovent Commission. Effective as of 1 January 2018, more than 30 additional manufacturers are going to join the Eurovent family, further strengthening the association’s footprint within the global HVACR industry. 

Founded in 1992, EFRIARC is a non-profit, technical association of engineering graduates who carry out activities in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. EFRIARC also includes supporting companies, including manufacturers. The national association aims to implement technical and scientific knowledge on HVACR, as well as related arts, sciences and human factors, for the benefit of the general public.

Mr António V. Canelhas Lopes do Rego, President of EFRIARC, remarked during EFRIARC’s ‘Autumn Seminar’: “It is a great honour for our Portuguese industry and association to become part of Europe’s leading HVACR sector association. Over the past years, the Eurovent Association has shown that it cares about giving each single of their members a voice. Our Portuguese needs are often different due to our remote location in the Southwest of Europe and distinctive ambient conditions. We want to support the Eurovent family in developing legislation and standards that take into account requirements for the whole of Europe.”

Morten Schmelzer, Executive Director of the Eurovent Association, complemented Mr Rego’s words during the seminar: “It is great to see how our European family of associations and manufacturers is constantly growing and developing. EFRIARC’s membership highlights the regained strength and ambition of the Portuguese HVACR industry, which does not only play an important role on the Iberian Peninsula, but also in Latin America and Northern Africa.”

Schmelzer continued stating that it would be “of highest importance for the Eurovent Association to rightly represent the whole European industry, from small to large, North to South, and East to West. Over the past couple of years, we have seen that European legislation often insufficiently takes into account Southern European climates, for example concerning mandatory heat recovery requirements. Moreover, not all manufacturers have the resources to make it to each single meeting in Brussels. Together with EFRIARC, we aim to strengthen the Southern European voice.”  

With EFRIARC joining, the Eurovent Association is going to represent HVACR associations and manufacturers throughout all European Union Member States, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, and beyond through the Eurovent Middle East chapter. For more information, visit www.eurovent.eu or follow the Eurovent Association on LinkedIn.