Consultation on EU 2030 climate ambitions (GEN - 1107.00)

Consultation until 23 June 2030

GEN - 1107.00. As part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission will put forward a comprehensive plan to increase the EU’s 2030 climate target in September this year. The Commission invites all stakeholders and citizens to submit views on the EU’s 2030 climate ambition increase, the action and the policy design necessary for deeper greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Increased ambition level

The Commission proposes to increase the EU’s current 2030 target of at least -40% greenhouse gas emission reductions to at least -50% and towards -55%, compared to 1990 emission levels.

The Commission will also propose to put the new target into EU law, first through an amendment of the recently proposed European Climate Law, and later through sectoral legislative proposals.

Revising the current 2030 target upwards is to put the EU on a more gradual pathway towards achieving its objective to become climate-neutral by 2050. It also helps to pace and focus transition efforts from now until 2050 and ensure EU’s leadership role in addressing global challenges.


The contents for the consultation were drafted before the COVID-19 outbreak and is based on an impact assessment and analysis of the national energy and climate plans. The consultation aims to obtain views and engagement by all economic sectors, citizens, authorities and the civil society.

The consultation on the related roadmap ran from 18 March to 15 April resulted in feedback from 1093 participants. This is a much higher number than usual and involved many citizens.

The present consultation consists of a first part seeking the opinion on the overall EU climate ambition for 2030, sectoral potential in the energy sector and other sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and actions to achieve this. The second part of the questionnaire is more technical and focuses on the design of EU climate and energy policies. To this is also added a view regarding third countries.

Eurovent has participated to these consultations. It takes an hour to respond to the various questions.

Recommended Actions

Because of the diversity among the Eurovent members, questions can be answered from different perspectives. The associations and manufacturers are encouraged to participate in the questionnaire so that the many views that may exist within the industry are communicated. For some questions, background to different EU legislation is required, but these can be skipped.

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Tuesday, 5 May 2020
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