Congratulations to Alex Rasmussen on recent retirement

Former Eurovent President entered into pension at the end of June 2021

Congratulations to Alex Rasmussen, former Eurovent President and long-term member of the Eurovent family on his recent retirement. In the lines below, the Eurovent Team looks back at his time in the industry and sends him best wishes.

Alex joined the Eurovent family in 2009, during the General Assembly in Ljubljana. He entered the Eurovent Board as Vice President External Affairs succeeding Goran Robertsson and was Eurovent President from 2015 to 2018. Besides that, he played an active role in several subunits of Eurovent, including Eurovent Certita Certification, COPILOT and PRODBIM. Alex was with the Eurovent Corresponding Member Systemair for 22 years, since 1998. Before that, he was active with a Danish ice cream equipment manufacturer.

Alex, on behalf of all of us at Eurovent, congratulations on a standout career and best wishes for your retirement. It has been a real pleasure having you as an industry colleague and member of the Eurovent family, and accomplishing great things together throughout the past years. We thank you very much for all your invaluable contributions to the Eurovent activities in your long career. We wish you the best of health and happiness in the next phase of your life, and a lot of success in your future endeavours.

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Publication Date: 
Thursday, 1 July 2021
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