Clarifying summary concerning the request for exemption of cooling towers from the revised Fan Regulation

Evaporative cooling equipment manufacturers elaborate on the possible exemption of their products from EU Fan Regulation 327/2011

During the Consultation Forum on the revision of the ‘EU Fan Regulation’ 327/2011 in Brussels on 30 April, Eurovent had reinforced its call for an exemption of evaporative cooling equipment from the future Regulation, which was supported by several Member State Representatives. Subsequently within the meeting, the Commission has asked VHK to further elaborate on this issue and on how an exemption can be implemented without creating loopholes.

Following this meeting, members from Eurovent Product Group 'Evaporative Cooling Equipment' aim to resolve all doubts concerning the possible opening of a loophole with this additional Position Paper by outlining, amongst others,

  • What distincts centrifugal fans integrated into cooling towers from other centrifugal fans,
  • What distincts axial fans integrated into cooling towers from other axial fans,
  • How loopholes will be prevented by adding the following sentence to the Regulation: This regulation shall not apply to fans which are specified to exclusively transport gases consisting of a mixture of liquid water and air having a relative humidity consistently larger than 90%.