Air quality in buildings on radar of European legislators (GEN - 1227.00)

European Parliament picks up on long-standing industry petition to regulate Indoor Air Quality

GEN - 1227.00. On 25 March 2021, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the implementation of the Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) Directives, in which it calls on the European Commission to regulate Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as well. The resolution is not binding on the Commission but is nevertheless a significant milestone in the efforts to enshrine IAQ into legislation. It confirms there is growing appreciation among legislators of the importance of clean air indoors, reflecting an ambition which Eurovent has been advocating for consistently.


As part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission is working on a Zero Pollution Action Plan and reviewing its air pollution legislation, including the AAQ Directives. Eurovent submitted feedback to the Commission on both initiatives, stressing the need to legislate IAQ as well, especially in the context of the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

European Parliament resolution

In parallel, the European Parliament drafted an own-initiative report on the implementation of the AAQ Directives to serve as input in the review. Various industry stakeholders were consulted in the development of the report, with legislators showing a keen interest in IAQ.

Earlier this year, the European Parliament had requested a study on air pollution and COVID-19, in which indoor air pollution was a recurring theme as well.

The resolution, which was ultimately adopted by the plenary on 25 March, echoes the concerns voiced by Eurovent and its partners, and includes many references to IAQ:

  • Recognition that the legislation covering Indoor Air Quality is fragmented (V.)
  • Request to investigate the consequences of indoor air pollution and possible legislative remedies (5.)
  • Encouragement to set up schemes for the replacement of old residential heating and cooling systems (34.)
  • Call to strengthen public information and awareness campaigns on air pollutants and their impact on human health (57.)
  • Petition to the Commission to regulate IAQ independently or as part of the EPBD (61.)

Next steps

The publication of the Zero Pollution Action Plan is expected still in Q2 2021. The Commission will launch a public consultation on the review of the AAQ Directives in Q3 2021, with a proposal expected in Q3 2022.

The public consultation on the review of the EPBD was launched recently and will remain open until 22 June 2021. The consultation is complemented by a series of 5 stakeholder workshops in which Eurovent is participating. The Commission proposal on the review of the EPBD is expected in Q4 2021.

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